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About FR44 & SR22 Experts

Why Work With the FR44 Experts?

First and foremost… We write a LOT of FR44’s. In fact, we’re one of the largest producing agencies of Florida FR44 Insurance in the State. Our objective is to find you the absolute best insurance product with the most stable insurance company, all at the lowest possible price. All insurance policies cost the exact same amount (given the same coverage through the same company), however, not all insurance agencies are familiar with the filing process. You’re going to want to go with an agency that produces Florida FR44 insurance policies day in and day out… that’s what we offer.

Many times Floridians are confused about the rules and regulations governing the Florida FR44 process. In fact, we at FR44 Experts spend a vast majority of our day explaining how to obtain the Lowest FR44 price, what steps are necessary to ensure all paperwork is correctly submitted and received by the DMV, and what to expect after a license becomes unsuspended. While it would never benefit us to talk negatively about the Florida DMV, they might want to asses their business practices when it comes to explaining the steps necessary to get drivers back on the road. Regardless, a quick call to the FR44 Experts will ensure you understand your options.

While we will need certain information in order to run valid quotes, we are consumers too. Just as much as we wouldn’t want anyone distributing our private data to others, we are diligent about keeping All of your information strictly confidential and we NEVER transfer, sell, or provide your personal data to any outside organization(s).

If you’re looking for the Lowest Price on Florida FR44 Insurance and you want to work with an agency that is familiar with the FR44 process from start to finish, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified than the FR44 Experts. Call us today or Email Us at:

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