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If your driver's license was suspended, you'll need an SR22 Insurance Policy in most States. So how can you find the Cheapest price? Contrary to what most people would believe, the major insurance carriers like Geico, AllState, and State Farm, just to name a few, may not even carry SR22 Insurance. Furthermore, if you call and ask for an SR22 to be added to your existing insurance policy, many of these companies will cancel your policy immediately. See, the major insurance carriers like low risk drivers. When you need an SR22 to be added to your policy, you become a High Risk driver in their eyes... and that doesn't fit their target clientele. Therefore, they either don't offer the coverage at all or they intentionally price themselves out of the market. Fortunately, there are insurance companies that specialize in SR22 insurance. While you may not have heard of most of them, they are all vetted by the State and they all provide the required Liability Limits on each policy. Since we never have to worry about a "Fly By Night" insurance company in the SR22 market, we can simply shop for the lowest price. Many factors such as your age, where you live, your gender, marital status, etc. are all taken into consideration when pricing an SR22. Different companies put more or less emphasis on these variables, which makes the pricing vary greatly. To sum it up, you get the exact same thing no matter where you go, but you'll pay hundreds less if you shop for the lowest price. The easiest way to find the lowest price is to contact an insurance agency that specializes in SR22 insurance. They'll be able to shop prices from a number of different companies and provide you with the lowest rates available. They'll file your SR22 Insurance Certificate immediately and in just a few minutes you can have your driver's license reinstated and get back on the road. At FR44 & SR22 Experts, we're one of those specialized insurance agencies and we've helped tens of thousands of drivers get their licenses reinstated. If you have any questions or if you'd like Free Quotes and advice, give us a call at 1-855-678-6977 or visit our website at:

If your driving privileges are suspended, requiring you to obtain an SR22 Insurance Policy and Certificate, this video explains how you do it Quickly and Legally. While pricing and coverage requirements vary widely from State to State, the process remains relatively the same no matter where you live. SR22 Information Everybody Should Know... What is SR22 Insurance? Most states will require you to show future financial responsibility by having SR22 insurance. SR-22 insurance can be purchased by a licensed insurance company in your state. The form shows the state that you have minimum liability limits for auto insurance. It is most often required after you get cited for driving without insurance, DUI or other major traffic violations. Where do I get cheap SR22 insurance? Cheap SR22 insurance is easy to find if you shop around for the best price. Be sure to let the company know you need an SR22 and any accidents or tickets you also have. Can I get an SR22 if I don’t own a car? Yes, you can get SR22 insurance if you don’t own a car. Many people don’t own a car but are required to show financial responsibility to the state. Ask your insurance company for a Non-Owner SR22 insurance policy. This type of policy will provide you with the required liability coverage and is not tied to any one vehicle but any vehicle you drive. How long is the SR22 valid? In most states the SR22 is required for three years but can be up to 5 years depending on your court required suspension period. The required time period will be stated on your suspension paperwork. If you cancel your SR22 policy prior to the end of your suspension the state will suspend your license again. How much does SR22 insurance cost? The cost to add an SR-22 filing to your auto insurance is usually $25 to $50. This is only the cost to file the form with the state. Your largest cost associated with the SR22 is the underlying citation such as a DUI. Most insurance companies increase your auto premium substantially in the event you are convicted of a DUI or other major violation. Be sure to get SR22 quotes from multiple companies to compare prices. What if I move to another state during my suspension? If you are required to have an SR22 filed with your current residence state and you move you must continue to file with your previous state. Be sure to inform you insurance company of the new address but make sure that SR22 does not cancel. Not every state requires an SR22 filing so ask your insurance agent or company for details. Can I switch insurance companies when I have an SR22? Yes you can switch insurance companies during your required suspension period. If you find a lower rate at a different insurance company just make sure there is no lapse of coverage and the new company has all the SR22 filing information. Who needs an SR22? If you have been arrested or convicted to one of the following you may be required to carry an SR22: 1. Driving under the influence DUI, DWI, DWAI 2. At fault in an accident while driving without insurance 3. Multiple traffic offenses specific to your state 4. Most any suspension related to a traffic violation Is SR22 insurance valid in multiple states? No, SR22 insurance is specific to the state which the violation occurred. If you plan to move to another state while your current state still requires the SR22 filing do not cancel the policy until you have transferred your insurance to the new state. Some states don’t require SR22 insurance but may have other requirements. Check with an insurance agent to see what the state requirements may be. What is the difference between FR44 insurance and SR22 insurance? Currently there are only two states that require FR44 insurance filings, Florida and Virginia. The FR44 is a proof of insurance certificate that requires the driver to have higher liability limits on the auto insurance policy due to a DUI. Driving under the influence in one of these states will result in much higher car insurance premiums and a three year period of filing an FR44 form. The cost of the filing is only $25-$50 but having the DUI on your driving record will cause the premiums to increase dramatically. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to call FR44 & SR22 Experts at 1-855-678-6977. You can also visit our website for FREE advice and Quotes at Get your Driver's License reinstated Quickly, Safely, and Legally. Get a Quote, have multiple insurance companies shopped, and have your SR22 Certificate filed with the DMV in less than 10 minutes.

If you've received a DUI in the State of Florida, you'll need a Florida FR44 among other things. This video explains what you need, how to get it, and how to find the cheapest price for FR44 Insurance. We offer both Owner and Non-Owner FR44 insurance policies. Having written tens of thousands of policies, we have both the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process. Some Information You Might Want to Know About FR44's: Florida FR44 – When Do You Need It? If you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or other intoxicants, you’ll need a Florida FR44. In fact, this will be a requirement in order to get your drivers license reinstated. Most consumers and many insurance agents are totally unfamiliar with Florida FR44 insurance, and recent changes have added to the confusion. The FR44 filing process must be completed successfully before a Florida DUI driver can reinstate their license. Florida FR44 Insurance Requirements: Liability requirements are a minimum of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability and $50,000 of Property Damage Liability (100/300/50). A single combined limit of $300,000 is also acceptable. The financial responsibility requirement for other drivers in Florida is 10/20/10. After a Florida FR44 policy is issued it cannot be cancelled and the compliance period is for three years from the date of conviction. The FR44 filing must be on a Florida insurance policy. FR44 Insurance Policy Types: In addition to a car or truck policy, you could get a Florida FR44 Non-Owner policy. If you don’t own a vehicle, but still want your license reinstated, a Non-Owner FR44 is usually a far cheaper alternative. A Florida FR44 Non-Owner policy excludes Personal Injury Protection, which is very expensive and required on every car or truck policy. The last option would be to get a Motorcycle policy, which also eliminates the need for Personal Injury Protection. The down side to this option is that you need to own a motorcycle. Of all the options listed, the Non-Owner Florida FR44 is the cheapest route. Florida FR44 Insurance Cost: The State filing fee for a Florida FR44 is just 15.00 dollars. However, Increased liability limits, removal of safe driver discounts, and placement into a less favorable rating tier will ultimately increase your costs significantly. Over time, maintaining high limits and continuous prior insurance will provide noticeable discounts that reduce rates. Also, this risk group has been very profitable for companies (agents too) and therefore competition will likely increase. After 3 years of maintaining a Florida FR44 the rating points will be removed and the discounts will continue. Florida FR44 Filing: The completed Florida FR44 form is electronically filed (submitted) to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility. After June 30, 2009 all companies must file electronically. Most of the time the DMV does not accept proof of an FR44 Filing from policyholders, but we can fax the form to the DMV for you. It takes less than 5 minutes for us to complete that process. Insurance companies are also required to notify the bureau if there is a change to your FR44 policy status, such as cancellation, termination, or lapse for any reason. Miscellaneous Florida FR44 Facts: The actual name of the form is the Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44. Florida statute 324.023 is applicable and effective after October 1, 2007. There are no driving restrictions associated with a Florida FR44 filing and Driver Exclusions are not permitted. There cannot be more than one Florida FR44 on the same driver (and why would you?). Noncompliance results in license and vehicle registration suspension. If you need assistance with your Florida FR44 insurance, please contact us at: 1-855-678-6977 We'll find the lowest priced Florida FR44, we'll answer any questions you may have, and we'll file your Florida FR44 electronically with the State. The entire quoting, purchasing, and filing process can happen in less than 10 minutes. If you're looking for SR22 Insurance in ANY State, please visit our SR22 Website at:

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