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Missouri SR22 Insurance

Missouri SR22 Insurance

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In Missouri the minimum period required to carry an SR22 insurance policy is two (2) years, however this period greatly depends on what the offense is, is it a repeat offense, and what the driver’s motor vehicle history is as well..

For some offenses in Missouri, such as multiple DWI convictions in a certain time period, your license could be revoked for a period of up to 10 years. After that period has expired driving privileges need to be court ordered before the reinstatement process can begin.

Other convictions that may require a driver to file for an SR22 insurance policy can include the following, however are not limited to:

  • Felony evading
  • Excessive point violations
  • Minors (Under 21) in possession of alcohol or other substances
  • Vehicular assault (injury or death)

Missouri also has administrative actions that can be taken against a driver in certain cases relating to alcohol arrests. For more information relating to these crimes and others please locate and visit a Missouri DOR near you or contact a Missouri DWI Attorney to discuss what your legal options are.

Where are the Missouri DOR Offices located?

Missouri has numerous locations throughout the state, please use Missouri’s DOR locator to find an office near you.

What happens at a Missouri administrative hearing?

A driver has 15 days from the date of a notice of suspension, revocation, or cancellation to request an administrative hearing. The administrative hearing is scheduled by the Department of Revenue in the county where the arrest took place.

Administrative hearings generally include the following procedures:

  • All participants will be sworn in before the proceeding will begin
  • A brief outline will be explained of how the hearing procedure works
  • Testimony and evidence is usually presented from the arresting officer first
  • You and your attorney will have the same opportunity to testifiy and present evidence in your favor and to rebut the officer’s testimony as well
  • After all evidence and testimonies have been given the hearing will close
  • The Administrative Hearing officer, or Administrative Hearing Judge will then inform the driver when they will make a decision and how they will be notified (usually in about 10 days)

Important: Missouri DOR states that if a hearing request is received before the suspension begins, the suspension(s) will be placed on hold until a final order is issued following a hearing.

For more information please contact a DOR Office near you, or mail your request for an Administrative Hearing to:

Administrative Hearing Section
301 West High Street – Room 470
Post Office Box 3500
Jefferson City MO 65105-3500

Does Missouri have an Ignition Interlock Device program?

Yes, and there are some general requirements for such a device. For example, individuals with more than one alcohol offense on their driving record must have an IID installed prior to the:

  • Reinstatement of their driving privileges
  • Issuance of a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) or Restricted Driving Privilege (RDP).

The IID must be maintained for a period of six months (some cases may be longer) following the reinstatement date. The driver is required to report to a certified IID vendor each month for maintenance to ensure the device is working properly. Failure to maintain the device during the required period will result in a suspension of driving privileges. The applicant will then be required to do the following before driving privileges can be reinstated:

  • Have the device serviced / reinstalled (the certified installer will send proof of service or reinstallation to the Driver License Bureau)
  • Pay a $20 reinstatement fee

(Source: MIssouri DOR)

Does Missouri have a restricted driving license and how do I apply?

Yes, and this license is called a LDP (Limited Driving Privilege). You will need to file an application form, either have insurance information on file with the DOR or you will need to obtain an SR22 insurance policy and submit proof to the DOR. If you are required to have an IID installed in your vehicle, documentation stating that this has been done by a certified installer will also need to be submitted to the DOR.

The DOR will process your request for a LDP in about 5 working days and will notify you by mail on their decision. For more information regarding this process call (573) 751-4475 or e-mail

How do I reinstatement my drivers license in Missouri?

1) You will need to find the reasons why your license or driving privileges were suspended, revoked (cancelled), or denied. This information should be in a letter you received from the Driver Licensing Bureau, if not, it will be on your current Missouri driving record. You can also purchase a copy of your driving record at a Missouri Drivers License Office or by calling (573) 526-2407 for about $6 if no other fees apply.

2) On your driving record under “Department Actions” will be the information on the actions being taken against you and should show the dates when you can get your license back. If all the reasons for losing your license state you can get your license back, there is a chart to instruct you on which forms you may need to file and how much you will be expected to pay.

If the period before getting your license back is too long ask about getting a Limited Driving Privilege license.

3) For drivers with two or more reasons for getting their driving privileges seized. If under each action being taken against you it says you are are required to get an SR22 insurance policy before a license reinstatement can occur; you will only need a single SR22 Insurance policy to be compliment with all of the requests.

Missouri’s DOR has a great example of a license reinstatement.

If you lost your driving privilege because of points from speeding tickets, you must file an SR-22 insurance form and pay $20. However, if you ALSO lost your driving privilege due to refusing to take an alcohol or drug test, you must file proof you completed a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP), file an SR-22 insurance form, and pay an additional $45. Altogether, you must pay a total of $65, complete a SATOP, and file an SR-22 insurance form.

When it is time to reinstate your driving privileges, bring all the necessary forms and payments in person to:

Driver License Bureau
Truman State Office Building
301 West High Street, Room 470
Jefferson City, Missouri
Telephone: (573) 526-2407
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30 (except state office closings)

OR mail your payment and forms to:

Driver License Bureau
P.O. Box 200
Jefferson City, Missouri 65105-0200

OR pay by telephone using the following credit cards:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express

Telephone Number: (573) 526-2407

What are Missouri’s minimum liability requirements?

  • $25,000 coverage for bodily injury or death of any person per accident
  • $50,000 coverage for all persons in any one (1) accident
  • $10,000 coverage for property damage per accident.

What if I do not keep my Missouri SR22 insurance policy current?

It is important to note that your insurance provider is required by law to notify the DOR when a lapse in coverage has transpired. The DOR may suspend your license without your knowledge and put you in jeopardy of additional charges such as:

  • A possible ticket for driving on a suspended license
  • A possible ticket for no insurance

These are just two example of what could happen, however you may also receive additional actions, for example:

  • Jail time.
  • Your vehicle registration being suspended and your vehicle being impounded.
  • Compensate any victims out of your own pocket if you were involved in an accident without insurance

All this adds up to is more actions being taken against you and more out of pocket expenses to get your driving privileges reinstated. Honestly it’s not worth the risk, even to be without insurance coverage for one day.

What steps can I take to avoid a lapse in my Missouri SR22 insurance coverage?

Pay your SR22 insurance policy premium as far in advance as you can. We recommend 2 months. This may seem like too far, however, considering the penalties associated with not paying on time and the host of other problems that could happen; we don’t think so.

Another step would be to notify your insurance provider if something has changed. For example job status, income, etc. It is easier to ask for help now when something can be done to make arrangements, than it is when its too late.

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